Chef Mike Davis has been named one of the Best Chefs in America for the inaugural edition of Best Chefs America.

The selection process meant that the book’s editors interviewed 5,000 chefs about other chefs that they respected. When the editors spoke to chefs, they asked where they liked to dine personally and inquired about other chefs that were “worth their salt” in their area. The more times a chef was mentioned by peer chefs, the chef’s chances of being named in the book increased.

When we talked to the editors of the book, they also shared some interesting gastronomic trends that they found while interviewing chefs.

“Chefs are definitely focusing on a farm-to-table style and getting back to basics,” said Elizabeth Fishburne, marketing director for Best Chefs America. “It’s less about molecular gastronomy and more about letting the local, seasonal fresh ingredients shine.”

“Chefs are also making as many things in-house as possible, in their gardens and on their rooftops and pulling things right from their back yards,” said Elizabeth.

Well, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves at Terra. Letting our seasonal, local ingredients, produce, meat and sustainable seafood shine, is what we’re all about.